Painting Vinyl Windows

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Painting Vinyl Window Frames

Ever since vinyl windows, for replacement and new construction, have been available, homeowners have only had three to four color choices to choose from - white, tan or earthtone. That's because manufactures couldn't guarantee that the paint would adhere to the vinyl without peeling and scratching until now.

Painted Vinyl Exterior Color Options

Gone are the days when homeowners could only choose between white and tan for vinyl window frame colors. Sienna Windows manufacturer, MGM Industries, has successfully installed a new automated vacuum coater to paint the frames of its vinyl windows and vinyl doors. This is a culmination of four years of research and four trips to Germany. Our machinery allows us to offer a multitude of colors to the exterior of our products. The coater applies an automotive grade finish that provides a high quality coverage versus spraying coatings on vinyl.

As a background, one of the problems of painting uPVC (the material used to make vinyl window frames) is that the spray coat can not be too thin. Believe it or not, if the spray coating is too thin, then paint will not adhere to uPVC. It's a Catch-22 situation, if it is too thick it will sag and provide an aesthetically poor surface, and if it is too thin the paint will not stick. With our machinery, MGM can dial in the optimum "wet film" thickness which will maximize adhesion and guarantee consistent coverage.

Our research has gotten down to the chemistry of the paint, which obviously is extremely critical. After years of learning about the chemistry of paint - learning about acrylics and urethanes and the various combinations of the two and running trials of different combinations to promote adhesion - we have found the ideal combination which allows us to comfortably provide a 10 year warranty against industry accepted fading and peeling of paint.

Although we will have the ability to offer any color, we are going to focus on a bronze and our earthtone as the first colors that we offer. All of our products will ultimately be offered in a variety of exterior colors, as the market dictates. Ask your salesperson to see our Rainbow of Colors.

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